Maldives 5-Floor Steel Structure Fishery Processing Plant Project

Classification:Steel Structure Building

Release time:2023-06-21 16:11

Maldives Lida Group fishery processing plant project

The Maldives is rich in fishery resources, and seafood can be processed for export. Based on local needs and resource advantages, Lida Group decided to build a fishery product processing plant in Maldives.

The project is located in Maldives with a total investment of 50 million US dollars. The total area of the factory is 25,000 square meters, mainly producing dried seafood, processed fish and fish oil and other products. In order to meet customer needs, the planned annual production capacity is 150,000 tons.

The equipment adopts domestic advanced level, and the refrigeration equipment adopts renewable energy. In addition, there are supporting unloading stations, power supply stations and rainwater pipe networks.

The project uses a steel structure. Due to the high temperature and rainy weather, the bare steel surface is treated with double-layer preservatives, and the roof slope is steep for rapid drainage. The main structure adopts H-shaped steel beam frame, and the column spacing is 10-12 meters. The column is made of 14-16 inch diameter tubular steel.

The prestressed reinforced concrete floor is used, and the reinforced concrete foundation is a 12-14m piling foundation. In addition to the production plant, there are also supporting buildings such as awning cover, warehouse, maintenance plant, and ventilation system.

Lida Group and the consulting company jointly conducted a thorough feasibility study and design on the project, and scientifically and reasonably controlled the project investment and technical indicators. The construction of the project was completed quickly and with high quality, continuously releasing local employment benefits. After the completion of the new plant, it will effectively develop and utilize the fishery resources of the Maldives and further promote the local economic growth.

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