Lida Group: Leader in Container and Prefab Camp House Solutions

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Release time:2023-08-02 15:31

Lida Group: Leader in Container and Prefab Camp House Solutions

Founded in 1993, Lida Group is a pioneer and leader in producing container houses, prefab houses, steel structures buildings, and more for residential, commercial and temporary use. With nearly 30 decades of experience, Lida Group has delivered container camp houses and prefab camp houses solutions across China and to over 148 countries worldwide.

Domestic Container House Camps

Lida Group started constructing container house camps in China in the early 2003s, providing temporary housing for large-scale industrial projects and disaster relief efforts. Since then, Lida Group has built over 1000 container house camps across China with a total area exceeding 15 million square meters, serving purposes such as:

• Workers' accommodation - Lida Group has built container house camps for mining, infrastructure and energy projects, housing thousands of migrant workers.

• Disaster relief camps - After earthquakes, floods and other disasters, Lida Group rapidly constructs temporary container house camps to shelter victims.

• Military facilities - The Chinese military has used Lida Group's container house camps for training and on-site staff accommodation.

The durability, mobility and flexibility of Lida Group's container houses have made them ideal for temporary and permanent housing solutions across China.

Overseas Projects

Since exporting their first container house camp in 2005, Lida Group has completed nearly 200 overseas projects, including container house camps, container village projects and schools. In total, they have exported over 50,000 containers worldwide for residential, technical and disaster relief purposes. Notable projects include:

• A 600 sets Container House Camp for UN in South Sudan
• A 6000 square meters TCF camp in Brunei
• Flat Pack Container House Office Project in Indonesia

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During natural disasters such as earthquakes in Haiti Turkey and Nepal, Lida Group worked closely with international organizations to rapidly deploy thousands of containers for emergency shelter. Lida Group's expertise in designing and assembling specialized container buildings has supported communities across the globe.

Prefab House Camps

According to the detailed requests of customers, Lida Group began developing customized prefabricated house camps for specific needs in 2008. Their prefab house solutions feature:

• Quick assembly times of just 3-5 days per building.
• Full customization of panel sizes, windows and doors.
• Advanced ventilation and insulation systems for comfort.

To date, Lida Group has built over 1000 sets of prefab house camps for purposes like industrial staff accommodation, construction site offices and government outreach centers. Their panel house solutions demonstrate the flexibility of utilizing alternative construction materials to meet diverse project needs.

Notable projects include:

• 8000 man Prefabricated House Labor Camp Project for Saudi 
• Saudi Binladen Group Prefabricated House Labor Camp Project

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In summary, through nearly 3 decades of industry experience, Lida Group has become an expert in utilizing container camp houses and prefab camps houses as rapidly deployable, cost-effective building solutions domestically and abroad. Their broad portfolio of residential, technical and relief projects illustrates the versatility and reliability of Lida Group's container buildings and prefab house solutions.

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