Cut Costs and Construction Time with Prefabricated Homes from Lida Group

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Release time:2023-08-16 10:21


In today’s economy, construction costs are rising and land values are soaring in major cities across Asia. The traditional method of building homes on-site has become increasingly expensive and time-consuming for both developers and homebuyers. Prefabricated construction provides a smarter solution that delivers the same or better quality homes at reduced prices and breakneck speeds.

Lida Group has pioneered prefabricated building techniques in China for over 30 years and is now one of the largest modular housing providers worldwide. With an extensive portfolio of prefab developments and design expertise, Lida Group has proven that modular construction dramatically cuts costs and construction periods compared to stick-built homes.

Lower Upfront Building Costs

The biggest advantage of prefabrication is significantly slashed upfront expenses. By manufacturing standardized wall panels, flooring systems, timber frames and modular “boxes” in a controlled factory environment before transporting to sites, Lida Group minimizes waste and improves efficiency.

Precise computer-aided manufacturing allows for tight tolerances and maximized yields from raw materials. The streamlined process is estimated to reduce building costs by 15-30% compared to homes of similar size and specifications built using traditional techniques. Value engineering in pre-production further compresses budgets without compromising quality.

Faster Turnaround Times

Rather than sequential on-site workflows vulnerable to delays, Lida Group’s modular components are mass produced simultaneously. Trusted specialist subcontractors fabricate assemblies in parallel. Completed modules require only final positioning and connections.

Crews can stack bathrooms, kitchens and multifunctional volumes onto structural frames in a matter of hours instead of weeks. Internal systems install through pre-routed voids. Functional living spaces emerge rapidly from bare foundations.

Most basic Lida Group homes assemble within 2-4 weeks, slashing schedules by 30-50% versus conventional builds. Even large multi-unit projects complete within months, keeping developers’ capital circulating swiftly. Buyers save money moving in much sooner.

Labor Cost Optimizations

Prefabrication centralizes production in controlled factory conditions with specialized automated machinery, calibrated tools and consistent materials. Skilled laborers work under cover regardless of climate disruptions.

Mass manufacturing yields unprecedented labor productivity - a single crew can accomplish tasks requiring multiple teams on-site. Precise modularization eliminates rework from inefficient on-site coordination issues or inclement weather damage.

Lower volumes of semi-skilled labor suffice for simplified assembly. Construction sites staff minimally,saving 10–20% on labor costs. The actual cost of the customer has been greatly reduced.

Reduced Waste Disposal

On-site building generates enormous construction waste from materials, packaging and mistakes. This incurs hefty landfill and hazardous material handling fees.

Lida Group's modular processes produce minimal scraps. Panels cut precisely using Computer Numerical Control saws. Standardization eliminates non-compliant materials. Empty delivery trucks carry scraps back to factor for pulping or reuse.

This green approach helps developers comply with increasingly stringent anti-waste regulations while keeping environmental impact low. Cost savings compound with economical material reuse.

Lower Risk Exposure

Unforeseen site condition changes, supply disruptions, equipment failures, labor disputes or weather unpredictability often delay and inflate on-site projects’ budgets and completion schedules.

Prefabrication mitigates these risks through off-site production independence. Sheltered module construction continues rain or shine. Strict quality procedures prevent rework from defects. Development schedules lock in, guaranteeing timely possession transfers to buyers at lower insured prices.

Minimal Onsite Supervision

With assembly simplifying to interlocking pre-crafted sections, fewer general laborer roles require field supervision, further slashing costs by 10-20%. Onsite crew focus on critical specialist tasks like mechanical fittings rather than intolerant finishing work.

Developers achieve significant 15-30% savings through efficient prefab coordination handled centrally by experienced project managers accustomed to modular complexities without steep site management overheads. Transparent pricing assures affordable quality housing.


Lida Group pioneers sustainable innovation driving construction affordability through prefabrication best practices. Streamlined modular processes optimize raw materials usage, labor productivity and site efficiencies unmatched by obsolete methods. Reduced risks and accelerated speed conclusively prove prefab cuts both soft costs and construction periods for developers and buyers alike.

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