Greenland City Community (Phase I) Project Linjian Camp

Classification:Container House

Release time:2023-02-08 17:15

Customer Name: China Construction Eighth Bureau
Project Name: Greenland City Community (Phase I) Project
Use products: box, packing box
Area quantity: 51 sets of standard box rooms, 34 sets of corridor boxes, 1 set of hall boxes, 2 sets of door room boxes, 2 sets of shower boxes, 1 set of hall boxes, 2 sets of stair boxes, 1 set of men's guard boxes, 1 set of female guards Box, 1 set of men and women box
The Greenland City Community (Phase I) project Linjian Camp uses a U-shaped overall layout, which is assembled from 96 packing boxes. The main building is a second floor, which includes offices, conference rooms, showers, toilets, etc. Functional space. The Linjian Camp, designed and built by Lida Group, fully reflects the connotation of standardization management, with short construction period, green environmental protection and the advantages of copying and promotion.

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