Tianshan Litian Cultural Tourism Recreation Center Project Department Packing Box Camp

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Release time:2023-02-08 17:19

Tianshan Litian is located in the southeast corner of Wuzhishan City. The mountains and rivers in the area echo each other, showing the meaning of a beautiful geomantic treasure and convenient transportation. The project has a pure natural green ecology. Humanities and nature contact: green leaves, mountains, rivers. The three different forms and common themes hint at the architectural characteristics of tropical areas, reflecting the people-oriented and environmentally friendly design concept.


The project department of Haitian Tianshan Litian Cultural Tourism and Rehabilitation Center, undertaken by Lida, takes the mission of creating a more harmonious new living space for human beings. During the construction of the office and living areas of the project's temporary camp, packing boxes are combined with closed corridors and glass The flexible use of the curtain wall creates a high-end office environment. A total of 75 Lida packing boxes have been adopted, with main functional rooms such as offices, conference rooms, kitchens, restaurants, dormitories, and bathrooms.


Project Archive
  Project Name: Tianshan Litian Cultural Tourism Recreation Center Project
Project address: Tianshan Litian Project Department, Wuzhishan City, Hainan Province
Products used: box room

Area: 75 sets of box rooms, 25 sets of standard boxes, 1 set of men's toilet boxes, 1 set of women's toilet boxes, 1 set of toilets, 2 sets of staircase boxes, 14 sets of 6m corridor boxes, 4 sets of 3m corridor boxes, 1 set of triple boxes, 8 sets of two boxes, 2 sets of four boxes


During the construction of the project, the preparation time was short. It only took 6 days from checking the site to confirm the production of drawings to the delivery of materials to the Hainan project. The site is complicated, the material unloading site is about 1km away from the project site, and the road is narrow. It takes 5 days to transport all materials to the project site by using transportation means such as cranes and forklifts. In order to ensure the completion in accordance with the construction period, the maximum number of construction workers is 17 at the same time, work overtime to catch up with the construction period, and complete the installation tasks within the specified period of time and quality.

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