Xiamenmu Nickel Cobalt Mine Infrastructure Stripping Project

Classification:Prefabricated House

Release time:2023-02-12 21:58

The project is located in the western part of the East Kunlun Mountains in the western Qinghai Province, the southern edge of the Qaidam Basin, and belongs to the branch of the East Kunlun Mountains. The highest altitude is 4700 meters. It is reported that this mine project is the largest open-air metal mine in Qinghai Province. The construction period of the stripping project of the winning bid was 17 months, 17.49 million cubic meters of mining and stripping. At present, the proven nickel resource reserves are about 1.1 million tons, with a total of 217,600 tons of copper and 38,100 tons of cobalt, which have reached a very large scale and are the second largest nickel deposit in China. Potential economic value of more than 80 billion yuan.

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