Advantages of Prefab Houses in Construction Site Facilities

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Release time:2024-01-29 11:59

Advantages of Prefab Houses in Construction Site Facilities

The construction industry has witnessed the rise of prefab houses in China, revolutionizing the way temporary buildings are created. These prefab houses, constructed with light steel and sandwich panels, offer a multitude of benefits over traditional building methods. Let's explore the advantages of prefab houses in various construction site facilities.

  1. Labor Dormitory: Efficient and Eco-friendly Accommodation
  • Built with light steel and sandwich panels
  • Insulation options include polystyrene, polyurethane, rock wool, and fiberglass
  • Zero construction waste, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly
  • Flexible sizing, easy assembly and disassembly, and aesthetically pleasing design
  • Ensures safety, durability, and suitability for temporary housing needs
  1. Site Office: Modern and Functional Workspace
  • Prefabricated sandwich board houses with plastic steel doors and windows
  • Environment-friendly and fire-resistant materials
  • Blue roof, white walls, blue stairs, doors, and windows for a professional look
  • Each person has a minimum workspace of 4 square meters
  • Includes a separate infirmary area for medical emergencies
  1. Canteen: Convenient Dining Area
  • Positioned at least 15 meters away from toilets and warehouses
  • Single-layer structure with suspended ceiling
  • Use of environmentally friendly and fire-resistant materials for decoration
  • Equipped with washing, disinfection, and cleaning facilities, along with a grease trap
  1. Shower Room: Comfortable and Hygienic Facilities
  • Sufficient number of showers (ratio of 1:20 employees)
  • Showers spaced at least 1 meter apart for privacy
  • Provision of clothes hooks, hangers, or wardrobes
  • Non-slip tile flooring for safety
  1. Toilet Room: Sanitary and Well-designed Facilities
  • Size determined based on the number of workers
  • Flushing facilities, non-slip tile flooring, and complete doors and windows
  • Measures in place to prevent mosquito and fly infestation
  • Squatting pans and urinal troughs as per regulations
  • Partitions between squatting positions (height not less than 0.9 meters)

Prefab houses in China offer numerous advantages over traditional construction methods for labor dormitories, site offices, canteens, shower rooms, and toilet facilities. With their superior insulation, fire resistance, anti-seismic capabilities, wind resistance, time and labor savings, increased usable area, and termite-proofing, prefab houses provide practical, modern, and efficient solutions for various construction site needs.

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