LIDA Container House Apartment Hotel Project in Philippines

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Release time:2023-07-25 15:42

LIDA Container House Apartment Hotel Project in Philippines

LIDA Group recently completed a modular container housing project in the Philippines using flat pack container technology. The project consists of a three-storey apartment hotel using 33 modular container units located in Cebu City. Construction began in early 2022 and was completed later that year.

The buildings were constructed using LIDA's flat pack container house modules. Each module is a standardized steel shipping container that has been modified into a living space. The modules are prefabricated offsite and then transported and stacked onsite to form multi-storey structures.

For this particular project, 33 flat pack container houses were stacked into three floors to form an apartment hotel building. A secondary roof was constructed atop the containers to provide weather protection. Staircases and walkways were added to connect the three levels.

The exterior of the container houses were customized to match the design theme of the project. The wall, door, and roof colors were selected by the client to provide an aesthetically pleasing finish.

The apartment hotel provides short-term and long-term accommodations for tenants. The multiple container units on each floor were divided into individual living spaces with private bathrooms. Common areas and an onsite reception were also incorporated into the design.

LIDA designed the modules to have a service life of over 25 years with proper maintenance. The containers' corrosion resistant steel construction allows them to withstand the harsh tropical climate and frequent typhoons in the Philippines.

LIDA's modular container apartment hotel in the Philippines demonstrates the versatility, speed, and cost-effectiveness of flat pack container houses for commercial and residential projects. With proper customization, container modules can be used to create unique structures that blend aesthetically with their surroundings while providing long-lasting, durable housing solutions.

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