Lida products—LGS Villa Series

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Lida products—LGS Villa Series

light steel structure house

Light steel structure houses are a new type of building system. In recent years, due to their outstanding features and advantages, they have attracted widespread attention from the public. The overall light steel keel system is adopted, and the main load-bearing structure is composed of cold-formed thin-walled steel and structural plates. 

Light steel house - application fields and advantages

Application field

1. The supporting management building of the scenic spot is the office management tourist service center.

2. Construction of supporting buildings such as agricultural sightseeing - orchards, wineries, etc.

3. Construction of entertainment venues—hotels, clubs, offices, etc.

4. Residential scene construction - villas, dormitories, office buildings.

5. Construction of public places - schools, hospitals, sentry boxes, etc.

01 Green and environmental protection

The light steel structure can be 100% recycled, providing excellent thermal insulation, sound insulation, and waterproof performance, and reducing energy consumption by 70% compared with traditional brick-concrete structures. On-site dry operation can effectively control all kinds of pollution generated during the construction process and various impacts on the surrounding environment of the site, and effectively reduce the generation of waste.

02 safe and durable

The wall and roof truss structure and the inner and outer wall panels form a solid "slab-rib structure", which has good earthquake resistance and wind resistance. It has been proved by tests that it can resist 9-degree earthquakes and 70m/s hurricanes.

03 Efficient and convenient

The structural material has high strength, thin thickness, less steel consumption, and the overall weight of the house is light, only about 1/4 of the traditional brick-concrete structure. The light weight of the structure reduces the transportation and hoisting costs, and the foundation load is also reduced accordingly, which reduces the foundation cost.

04 Comfortable living

The use of excellent thermal insulation and energy-saving structures and materials greatly improves indoor living comfort. The built-in pipeline and the thinning of the wall effectively increase the usable area of the house.

05The nodes are mature and complete

Through the introduction of advanced technology and years of experience, our company has a complete and mature technical system, and has formed a stable and comprehensive supply chain of supporting materials.

Application fields:
Light steel houses - residential buildings

The walls of light steel houses are mainly composed of wall top beams, wall frame columns, wall supports, wall bottom beams, wall panels and connectors.

Light steel houses generally use the inner transverse wall as the load-bearing wall of the structure, and its wall thickness depends on the load it receives. The wall structure layout of light steel villas can effectively bear and reliably transmit vertical loads, and the layout is convenient.

Light steel house - commercial office

Due to the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, economic safety, high efficiency and quickness of the light steel structure itself, it has also been widely concerned and applied in the field of office and commercial use.

Compared with the traditional brick-concrete structure, the construction speed of light steel structure buildings is faster, which speeds up the return of investors' funds to a certain extent and maximizes profits.

Not only that, as a commercial office building, light steel structure houses have more options in appearance, and the overall building is made of environmentally friendly materials, making living and working more comfortable.

Light steel house - cultural tourism vacation

As a cultural tourism resort building, the light steel structure house has more options in appearance, and the overall building is made of environmentally friendly materials, making living and living more comfortable.

Company Profile

Founded in 1993, Lida Group is a professional construction engineering company integrating design, production, construction, marketing and service. The main products include container houses, prefabricated houses, steel structures, light steel villas, container transformation, large-scale comprehensive camps, steel structure workshops, etc.

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