Quality and Safety through Standardization: Lida Group's Approach to Light Steel Construction

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Release time:2023-09-07 13:53

Quality and Safety through Standardization: Lida Group's Approach to Light Steel Construction
As a pioneer in modular building solutions, Lida Group based in Qingdao, China has extensive experience delivering durable and reliable light steel structure projects worldwide. With standardized designs and meticulous quality control, they ensure structures meet rigorous standards for safety and performance.

Light Steel Structure System
Lida utilizes a light steel framing system featuring cold-formed galvanized steel profiles for walls, floors and roofs. These lightweight yet rigid components simplify logistics and installation compared to other methods. Standard widths and lengths optimize material yields with minimal cutting waste.

Factory Production
At their modern facilities, Lida precisely cuts, welds and treats steel pieces using computer-controlled equipment under strict protocols. Robotic welding achieves consistent bead quality essential for structural integrity. Hot-dip galvanization protects against corrosion for decades of weather-resilience.

Quality Assurance Process
Inspectors randomly sample materials and assemblies to verify specifications. Non-destructive testing such as ultrasound pinpoints any defects. Trial assemblies undergo impact, loading and fire resistance evaluations. Only passing batches proceed for fabrication, ensuring contractual requirements like ASTM, Eurocode, GB and China standards are complied with.

Prefabricated Modules
Walls, floors and roof sections assemble off-site into complete room-sized modules complete with doors, windows and finishes. This controlled prefabrication streamlines construction and allows thorough third-party inspections prior to shipping globally. On-site work involves simple joining, averting variable field workmanship quality.

Foundation Preparation
Lida engineers collaborate with local subcontractors to ensure strong, evenly distributed and vibration-isolated foundations suiting soil conditions and projected loads from modules. Concrete achieves specified 28-day compressive strength before placement.

Expert Lida crews efficiently erect modules via tower cranes. Their close-tolerance light steel joints require no additional site modifications. Permanent bolted connections provide seismic and wind load resistance exceeding code minimums to protect lives safety in events.

Engineering Oversight
On-site teams supervise integration of MEP systems and architectural details. Lida's internal and third-party engineers conduct regular inspections ensuring designs and workmanship comply with approvals. Their focus on contractors' techniques helps maximize structure lifespan and occupant safety.

Through standardized modular construction and rigorous onsite quality procedures, Lida Group delivers structures meeting clients' performance needs whilst providing occupant safety and protection of capital investments. As a leader in light steel construction, they will continue innovating solutions to build communities globally.

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