Nursery greenhouse

Classification:Steel Structure Building

Release time:2023-02-12 22:38

The seedling greenhouse is equipped with Venlo (three-tip) multi-span greenhouse. The greenhouse is used for seedling cultivation of vegetables and flower crops. The greenhouse is covered with 8mm anti-ultraviolet and anti-drip gardening PC sunlight board. It has good heat preservation and cooling performance. It has advantage of High rate, large roof displacement, high indoor utilization efficiency, beautiful appearance, etc., suitable for high construction standards. The greenhouse design area is 5222.4 square meters.

Basic configuration:

Natural ventilation system, external shading system, internal shading system, top window opening, fan wet curtain cooling, self-propelled sprinkler system, circulation fan, strong electric control system, computer control system, carbon dioxide generation, fill light, water supply and drainage system, etc.

Performance parameters:

1) Wind resistance: 0.5KN/m2

2) Anti-snow load: 0.35KN/m2

3) Service life: more than 10 years

Main components and materials of the greenhouse skeleton:

Gable column □100×100×3 hot-dip galvanizing

Column □100×50×3.0 hot-dip galvanizing

Truss □50×50×2.5 hot-dip galvanized chord height 500

Fence 1 C80×40×2.5 Hot-dip galvanized 2 gables, 2 side walls

Drainage gutter 2.0 hot-dip galvanized sheet cold-rolled

All steel components are factory produced and assembled on site. The main structural column is installed on the pre-embedded bolts of the foundation. Except for a small number of fittings, the other superstructure components are connected by bolts or rivets.

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