The International Horticultural Exposition 2014 Qingdao Project

Classification:Light Steel Villa

Release time:2023-02-12 22:50

In the planning and construction of “ The International Horticultural Exposition 2014 Qingdao”, Lida Group--Weifang Henglida Steel Structure assumes the responsibility for building of prefabricated houses: Including “Tea Garden Restaurant; Expand park; Ceremony square operating room; Children’s dream Home of tourists ; Tea garden home of  tourists; Tea garden home of volunteer; Garden of nectar Court tearoom; Agronomic Park office etc . The total construction area of 17 prefabricated houses is 2552.21㎡. As places of casual dining, controlling, working, selling, exhibiting, living etc, they are located in various parks in order to ensure the Expo going smoothly, and to provide a better place for everyone to enjoy the beauty of nature.

The theme of “The International Horticultural Exposition 2014Qingdao”is “Colorful gardening, harmonious city”. The 2014 Qingdao Expo is located in Baiguoshan Forest Park area, east of Lee Cang Qingdao. This Expo will be the first one held in coastal city in China, which also possesses “mountainous features”. The total construction area is near 5.3k㎡, and the 2014 Expo will be held in from 25 April 2014 to 25 October 2014, continuing for 184 days, and during this time nearly 30million person will be received from home and abroad .

Nowadays, in order to practice the Low-carbon environmental protection concept in society, the planning and construction of prefabricated houses were mostly built in to the style of “energy saving”. Therefore, our company, as one of the most famous light steel structure companies in China, participated in the building of prefabricated houses during the “The International Horticultural Exposition 2014Qingdao”.

The International Horticultural Exposition 2014Qingdao has always adhered to the purpose of “From the earth, for the Earth ”, whose purpose is agreed to our product concept of ”Green Building, make life wonderful ”. Lida Group-Light Steel Structure adopts the international leading “Cold-formed steel” technology, automated factory production of light steel keel. We provide prefabrication installation where new energy-saving materials was used to construct roofing and wall, effectively in reducing carbon dioxide emissions, using dry-method during construction operations to save water, and producing almost no building waste, which effectively prevented natural environment in the Expo from damaging the environment. It is the real “green design, green construction”, which is more environmental and energy-saving than traditional brick structure, much better explaining the purpose “People live in harmony with nature”.

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