Lida Group Office Container Building

Classification:Industry News

Release time:2023-06-01 14:26

Lida Group is known for pioneering innovative constructions using shipping containers as building modules. Their projects include office container buildings, container houses, and modular homes constructed from re-purposed shipping containers.

Their latest project, the Lida Group Office Container Building, will showcase the company's expertise in constructing high-quality, cost-effective office spaces from shipping containers. The building uses a hybrid structure combining traditional framing with modified shipping containers to create a modular, sustainable office complex.

The design for the Lida Group Office Container Building incorporates several containers stacked and arranged to maximize usable interior space. The containers form the core structure of the building while a wooden frame is used for exterior cladding and interior partitions. This hybrid design combines the durability, stability and fire resistance of the containers with the flexibility and aesthetics of a traditional wood frame.

The containers themselves are heavily modified before integration into the final building. Openings are cut out for windows and doors, and floors, insulation and interior finishes are added. Metal reinforcements and joinery are used to connect the containers into a rigid structural unit. Finally, the exterior is smoothened, cladded and painted to blend the separate containers into a cohesive whole.

Some of the key benefits of the office container building design include sustainability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and speed of construction. The use of recycled containers and sustainable materials make it an eco-friendly alternative to conventional office buildings. The modular design allows for easier future rearrangement or expansion compared to traditional construction. Costs can be up to 30% lower due to the utilization of prefabricated container modules. And construction times are much faster since the building essentially consists of "lego blocks" that just need to be assembled and fitted together.

Lida Group aims to demonstrate that container constructions can match or exceed the quality, comfort and aesthetics of traditional buildings while providing significant economic and sustainability advantages. Their office container building incorporates features like:

•Spacious, well-lit interiors with large windows cut into the container walls
•Modern HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems installed inside the containers
•Insulation and soundproofing to achieve a comfortable indoor environment
•Premium interior finishes with drywall, flooring, paint and ceilings
• Flexible, open-plan layout that can be customized for each client
•Attractive exterior cladding and architecture to seamlessly integrate the containers

With the Lida Group Office Container Building, the company hopes to establish container constructions as a viable alternative for commercial and industrial clients. By showcasing a high-quality end product, they aim to shift perceptions of container buildings as only temporary or basic structures.

The project also serves as a pilot for potential larger-scale container office projects in the future. If successful, Lida Group plans to develop whole container office parks using their expertise in container modifications, hybrid designs and sustainable construction techniques.

In summary, the Lida Group Office Container Building presents an opportunity for the company to demonstrate their capabilities as contractors specializing in innovative, sustainable and cost-effective constructions using shipping container modules. With high-quality execution, the project could help establish container buildings as a mainstream solution for commercial and industrial clients.