Speed, Simplicity and Savings: The Advantages of Lida Group's Steel Construction Methods

Classification:Industry News

Release time:2023-06-05 13:46

Lida Group utilizes advanced steel construction methods to deliver fast-track, cost-effective and optimized solutions for their clients. Their expertise in light steel structures and prefabricated modular technology produces major advantages in terms of project speed, assembly simplicity and cost savings.

Accelerated Project Schedules

By manufacturing the majority of structural components in a controlled factory environment, Lida Group reduces onsite work and shortens construction schedules. Their modular process involves:

• Engineering standardized steel beams, columns, trusses and wall panels based on the building design

• Cutting, welding and finishing all components within tight tolerance levels in their facilities

• Transporting prefabricated parts to the construction site for rapid assembly.

This approach allows Lida Group to erect buildings up to 60% faster than traditional onsite fabrication. Prefabricated modules assemble like 'construction Lego blocks', accelerating schedules by weeks or months.

For example, Lida Group recently constructed a 100,000 square foot industrial warehouse in just 4 months - half the time of a conventional build. Their steel components were manufactured ahead of excavation work and assembled onsite as the foundation was poured.

Simple, Effortless Assembly

Lida Group's light steel structures are engineered for simplicity, requiring minimal skill and effort during installation. Their prefabricated parts are precisely designed to interconnect seamlessly and quickly once on site.

Connections are made using standardized bolted or welded joints that assemble in a plug-and-play fashion. Teams of just 2-4 workers can rapidly erect an entire steel frame in a matter of days.

This simple assembly process means that construction teams require minimal training to implement Lida Group's steel solutions. It also results in far less rework, errors and safety risks compared to traditional onsite fabrication.

Cost Savings Through Efficiency

Lida Group achieves significant cost savings for clients through their efficient steel construction processes:

• Mass production techniques yield economies of scale, lowering material and labor costs.

• Standardized components and connections reduce complex custom engineering and detailing.

• Less waste is generated due to optimized manufacturing and higher precision.

• Shorter schedules minimize interest payments on construction loans and accelerate cash flow.

• Improved schedule certainty allows Lida Group to accept a fixed price or guaranteed maximum cost.

As a result, Lida Group's light steel structures often cost 15-30% less than alternatives while delivering comparable or superior performance, durability and flexibility.

Sustainable Attributes

In addition to time and cost advantages, Lida Group's steel solutions provide sustainability benefits:

• Standardized steel components are reusable and recyclable at end of life.

• Prefabricated technology produces less construction waste.

• Lightweight yet durable structures require less material to build.

• Fast assembly means projects disturb the environment for a shorter period.

• Optimized designs maximize natural light, ventilation and thermal efficiency.

In summary, Lida Group's advanced steel construction methods revolving around light steel framing and modular technology produce major advantages in project speed, assembly simplicity and cost savings. Their standardized, prefabricated solutions demonstrate how offsite manufacturing and mass production techniques can transform the delivery and sustainability of commercial and industrial buildings.