China Aerospace Science and Technology Park (Jinan) Project-Lida Group

Classification:Steel Structure Building

Release time:2022-01-11 14:52

1. Project Introduction

The project is located on the north side of "Hanyu Golden Valley", the Yunquan Center at the northwest corner of the intersection of Jingshidong Road and Fenghuang Road. The construction includes a large-scale commercial complex of 350,000 square meters, with 5A+ grade office buildings and a 200-meter-high tower landmark building. With the shape design starting from the gushing spring water, it will soon become a new super high-rise landmark in the central area of Jinan High-tech Zone.

Lida Group undertook the construction of the roof-shaped steel structure of Yunquan Center.

2. Project display

The operation of super high-rise buildings must resist the strong wind strength far above the ground. In order to ensure the quality of construction, welding technology is used in all connection positions of high-rise steel structures to ensure firmness. In the case of high winds, gas welding faced difficulties such as structural shaking and lack of gas welding protective layer, Lida Group adhered to the construction period and quality, and completed the project on time and with high quality and quantity, which lasted two months.

3.About Lida

Lida Group was established in 1993, as a professional manufacturer and exporter which is concerned with the design, production, installation, and marketing of engineering construction.

Lida Group has achieved ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, EU CE certification (EN1090) and passed SGS, TUV, and BV inspection. Lida Group has obtained Second Class Qualification of Steel Structure Professional Construction Contracting and General Contracting Qualification of Construction Engineering.


  Lida Group is one of the most powerful integrated building engineering companies in China. Lida Group has become a member of several associations such as the China Steel Structure Association, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade and China Building Metal Structure Association, etc.


The main products of Lida Group contain a large-scale labor camp, Steel structure buildings, LGS Villa, Container house, Prefab house, and other integrated buildings. Till now, our products have been exported to more than 145 countries and regions.



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