Application of Steel Structure Building in New Countryside Construction

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Release time:2022-07-26 11:05

Application of Steel Structure Building in New Countryside Construction

  Innovating the development mode of rural housing construction, exploring the development mode of energy-saving and land-saving housing suitable for my country's national conditions and the characteristics of farmers' life, and accelerating the construction of new socialist rural housing is an important part; It is the largest investment of 900 million farmers, The most urgent living needs: it is the demand of the times to gradually improve the quality of life of the vast number of farmers and improve the living environment.

  The steel structure residential system has the characteristics of being easy to realize standardization, componentization, and organizing industrial production; energy saving, water saving, land saving, material saving, and meeting the requirements of environmental protection and sustainable development. There is huge market potential and a good development prospect in the socialist new rural housing construction.

  1. Steel structure buildings and their advantages

  At present, China's rural housing is in a period of great development, and the technology is constantly updated, but its own development is also facing difficulties.

In the 1950s, Chinese rural houses were generally dominated by simple single-storey buildings with thatched or small green tile roofs, and their main supporting structures were simple wooden frame structures;

  In the 1960s and 1970s, due to the relative shortage of wood, reinforced concrete began to replace wood, and the original wooden frames in rural houses began to be gradually replaced by prestressed reinforced concrete prefabricated frames;

  In the 1980s and 1990s, after the reform and opening up, China's rural economy made great progress, and residential construction gradually developed from single-story tile houses to buildings, and the walls are mainly solid clay brick walls and reinforced concrete brick walls. Concrete structure technology has gradually become the main supporting structure technology in rural houses, and clay bricks have become the main building materials.

  The amount of farmland destroyed by burning bricks keeps increasing. In 1999, the state strictly prohibited the use of clay bricks after June 10, 2003, which made farmers lose the most basic building materials for building houses with a brick-concrete structure system.

  Steel structure building refers to a building system composed of a steel structure skeleton, auxiliary plates, and support settings. The seismic performance of steel structure buildings is much better than that of traditional brick-concrete structures. The main idea of the structural design of steel structure rural residential structures is to "replace wood with steel" on the basis of returning to tradition, which is also the basic idea of the initial development of foreign steel structure residential technology. The specific method is to learn from the form of traditional wooden structures and replace the traditional wooden beams and columns with steel beams and columns. The positions of the structural columns basically fall on the intersection points of the grids.

The introduction of steel structures into rural houses is due to the many advantages of steel structures. The steel structure has the characteristics of good ductility and strong deformation ability, and has excellent seismic performance: it is also convenient for construction and fast in construction. All the main structures are processed in the factory and assembled on site. The main structure of a single building of this type only takes about 20 days from processing to on-site installation, and only 1 month from foundation construction to delivery of the new house, while similar reinforced concrete houses take 2 to 3 months. The construction period was greatly shortened. Due to the high strength of the material supporting the steel structure building, the use of materials is low, the size is small, and the lightweight roof and wall are used, so the dead weight is light. The self-weight of a steel structure building with the same building area is about 1/6 of that of a traditional brick-concrete structure.

  1. Significance and favorable conditions for developing steel structure buildings

  My country has a vast territory, complex geological conditions, and many areas with hidden dangers of various disasters.

  At present, many small and medium-sized buildings in my country's cities and towns are difficult to resist earthquakes and disasters at critical times due to the construction, improper use of materials, poor construction quality, and many hidden dangers of accidents. Therefore, vigorously developing and actively promoting suitable buildings that can resist earthquakes and disasters is of great practical significance for Chinese people to resist natural disasters and ensure life safety.

  According to the long-term goals of national economic and social development, the construction of villages and towns must first ensure quality and safety, and then gradually transition to the world's advanced living level. Vigorously developing suitable, comfortable, high-tech and modern steel structure buildings can effectively promote the construction of new rural areas in my country.

  Since 1996, the total output value of my country's steel has exceeded 100 million tons, ranking first in the world. And with the continuous improvement of steel production and quality, its price is gradually declining, and the cost of steel structure has also been greatly reduced accordingly. Now the price of steel in the market is relatively stable, and building a steel structure building is more affordable and can be reused. What really pushes the steel structure house to the front is the steel structure house that was rebuilt for the people in the disaster area after the earthquake. Afterward, the farmers in the disaster area who realized the superiority of the steel structure house took the initiative to build the steel structure house to live in, and the steel structure became the first choice for the people in the disaster area to rebuild their homes.

  1. Suggestions for popularizing steel structure buildings

According to the actual situation of the vast cities and towns in my country, the development and promotion of steel structure buildings cannot reach the highest level in the world in one step. It should be a process of gradual development and continuous improvement. Applicable and economical steel structure buildings that are suitable for the actual situation in various places should be developed first. Then keep improving. Policy orientation and the renewal of farmers' traditional concepts are the primary issues. The rural area is different from the city. The concept and policy of the government as a manager directly affect the value orientation and behavior of farmers. The concept of peasants is also deeply influenced by them. Once again, technical support is a necessary condition for the development of steel structure buildings, and Lida Group just combines the needs of all parties, from design and drawing, production and processing, construction operation and maintenance, to one-stop service.

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