Qatar steel structure

Classification:Steel Structure Building

Release time:2023-02-09 16:10

Qatar is one of key markets in the Middle East market, In the July of 2014, one of our large steel structure warehouse project first entered the Qatar market. This steel warehouse project area up to 5400 m2, the structure is complex, all-glass curtain wall facades. Therefore, we sent the most powerful installation captain to supervise and guide the installation instructions.

steel structure  steel structure

steel structure  steel structure

Lida Light steel structure building (pre-engineering building) is a new type of building structure system. The building structure system is formed by the main framework through linking up the H section, C section, Z section or U section steel components. Maintenance system uses different kinds of panels as wall and roof together with other components such as windows and doors. Lida Steel structure building has the advantages of wide span, high strength, light weight, low cost, temperature protection, energy saving, beautiful appearance, short construction time, good effect of insulation, long using life, space-efficient, good seismic performance, flexible layout, etc. Lida light steel structure building is widely used in large factories, warehouses, workshops, bridges, stadiums and other buildings.

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