Pre Engineered Steel Structure Workshop in Al Ain, UAE

Classification:Steel Structure Building

Release time:2023-02-09 17:22

This is our second one pre engineered steel structure building project in UAE. This project is located in Al Ain Industrial City, total building area is around 1500sqm, includes one workshop (with crane, with mezzanine floor office), one material shed, one boiler house and one parking shed. Client employ the local contractor making the foundation and doing civil work, we send 4 supervisors to UAE guiding the installation 2 months. Client employ 6 labors from local market, our supervisors guide them install the house. Client rent one Crane (arm length 25m) from local market, this is for installing the main structure.





The requirements for pre engineered steel structure building are very strict in UAE, all of the drawings should be approved by consultant company and municipality. We have professional engineers providing the proposal, and modernized factory fabrication the materials, this is one of the reason that we can do pre engineered steel structure building project in UAE.


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