Bangladesh poultry farm customer

Classification:Steel Structure Building

Release time:2023-02-12 22:31

Customer name: Bangladesh poultry farm customer

Project name: Bangladeshpoultry farm project

Project location: Dhaka, Bangladesh


Product: Prefabricated steel structure broiler poultry house

Area and Quantity: 3 buildings, totally 5670 square meters

Building size: 122m*15.5m


Features & Advantages:

Short production cycle: The production of these 3 building poultry houses only need 30 days

Quick installation: It only takes 36 days to complete the installation of all 3 buildings 

Stable structure: Great wind resistance, able to withstand the powerful wind speed of 160 km/h

Good thermal insulation: The wall panel and roof board are made of 50mm fiber glass sandwich panel, with good thermal insulation

Good fire resistance: Fire rating of wall panel and roof board can reach A level

Function: Each building can raise 30,000 birds.

Systems: Feeding system, Drinking system, Ventilation System, Automatic manure removal system, Environment Controller system and etc.

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