Lida Products- Container House Series

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Lida Products- Container House Series

Lida Group, found in 1993, is a leading Chinese manufacturer of Container houses, prefab houses, and steel structure buildings. Its container house series provides high-quality yet affordable housing solutions through the innovative use of repurposed shipping containers.

Product Introduction
The Lida container house series uses recycled standard shipping containers and steel materials as the basic construction material. The 40-foot and 20-foot containers are cut, joined, and modified to form houses of various styles and sizes. From compact studio apartments to large single-family homes to office, apartments, Lida container houses can meet different housing needs.

The containers are thoroughly cleaned, treated and painted before being used for construction. Additional windows, doors and wall partitions are installed inside the containers to form rooms. Roofs, floors, insulation, interior finishing and infrastructure are then added to build a fully functional house.

Application Fields
Lida container houses have wide applications due to their versatility, durability and cost-effectiveness.

Temporary Building - Container houses can be assembled and moved quickly to provide temporary accommodation for construction crews, disaster relief workers and students. They are highly transportable and reusable.

Low-cost Housing - Lida container houses offer affordable permanent housing solutions, especially in places where land and construction costs are high. Their basic design keeps material and labor costs low.

Vacation Homes - They are ideal choices for constructing seaside, countryside or mountain retreats with minimal environmental impact. Their simple style fits right into natural surroundings.

Product Advantages

Durability - Shipping containers are made of corrosion-resistant corten steel which has a service life up to 50 years. The steel structure also offers good resistance to extreme weather conditions.

Speed of Construction - Lida container houses can be assembled in half the time needed for traditional constructions. This is because containers are prefabricated building blocks that only need connecting and modifying on site.

Sustainability - Container houses reuse discarded shipping containers and reduce waste during construction. They require less material and energy compared with newly built houses of similar sizes.

Low Maintenance - The all-steel structure is highly durable and requires little maintenance. There are also fewer moving parts to malfunction in container-based houses.

Affordability - Lida container houses have considerably lower material and labor costs than traditional houses. They make high-quality housing available to more people at lower prices.

The Lida container house series offer a simple yet innovative solution for changing the way we build and live our homes. Their strengths in sustainable design, affordability and versatility will continue to drive their wide applications in the housing industry. Lida strives to enrich people's lives through providing quality yet practical housing choices.

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