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Sun Room



The sunroom adopt a revolution design with glass and metal frames to achieve the purpose of enjoying the sun and getting close to nature. It is usually connected to an existing building, as an indoor-outdoor conversion area, or as an independent building. Sunroom frame material is broken bridge aluminum alloy, achieves good thermal insulation performance and at the same time comprehensively overcomes the "self-supporting" technical problem.The surface of the aluminum alloy profile is treated with high-temperature electrostatic powder spraying or wood grain transfer. It is pollution-free, has a smooth surface, does not fade or fall off; it is strong and durable and will not be oxidized. The service life can reach about 50 years. It have a wide range of application scenarios and can be designed and utilized according to different needs and uses. Such as Leisure and entertainment space, garden room, restaurant or cafe, greenhouse, balcony, quiet reading corner, etc.

Product details

Keywords: Container House | Steel Structure | Prefabricated House