Fiji Steel Structure Chicken Farm Project

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Release time:2023-07-05 10:01

Lida Group's Chicken Coop Success in Fiji

In 2017, Lida Group built three steel structure chicken farms in Fiji with a dimension of 15m x 100m x 2.2m. The steel structure, mainly using H-shape steel, could well adapt to the local climate in Fiji. This project showed Lida Group's success and experience in steel structure construction.

Lida Group specializes in light steel structures, heavy steel structures, and bridge engineering. The company has more than 30 years of experience in designing and constructing various steel structure buildings, including factories, workshops, warehouses, exhibition centers, stadiums, and animal farms. High-quality materials, advanced technology, and skilled workers ensure the sturdiness and longevity of the structures.

In Fiji, tropical climate with high temperatures, rainfall, and humidity posed great challenge for the durability of building materials. Lida Group adopted H-shape steel frames and hot-dip galvanized steel sheets for the chicken coops. The H frames provided high strength and rigidity, while hot-dip galvanizing can produce a thick and durable zinc coating that effectively prevents rusting for at least 20 years. Strategic ventilation design was adopted to ensure good air circulation inside the houses.

The completed chicken coops gained high praise from the client for their sturdiness, flexibility in use and adaptability to the climate. The success strengthened Lida Group's determination to "go global" and explore more overseas opportunities in the future.

Through years of practice, Lida Group has accumulated rich experience in design, material selection, construction process and project management of various steel structure projects. Advanced design software and professional technical teams ensure structural safety, loading capability and longevity conformity to customers' requirements and local construction standards.

Lida Group's successful chicken coop project in Fiji demonstrated the company's expertise in applying innovative steel structure solutions to different scenarios and environments. By continuously optimizing its technology and management, Lida Group is confident to deliver more "green and safe" steel structures with higher efficiency to serve global customers.

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