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Release time:2023-06-07 15:06

Lida Group's main products include container houses, prefab houses, modular houses, office containers, steel structure buildings, and other integrated buildings. These units can be used for residential, commercial, and industrial purposes.

• They offer customizable solutions based on the client's requirements in terms of size, layout, finishes, and style. Their units can be single-story or multi-story.

• They provide engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contracting services for container house and prefab house projects. They can handle projects of any size and scale.

• As part of their consultancy services, they provide 3D design modeling, design optimization, and value engineering to ensure projects meet clients' functional and aesthetic needs.

• They employ advanced construction techniques like pre-assembly of units in the factory and connection of units on site. This allows them to greatly reduce the construction time.

• Their products utilize durable materials like steel and concrete and incorporate eco-friendly features and designs.

• They have worked on a diverse range of projects like staff accommodations, container settlements, camp houses, container offices, modular tourist houses, and conventional detached/row/terrace houses.

• They are constantly innovating in terms of materials, design, and processes used for greater sustainability, efficiency, and performance of their products.

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