Lida Group: Manufacturing Innovative Prefab Houses

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Release time:2023-06-08 09:59

Lida Group: Manufacturing Innovative Prefab Houses

Lida Group started as a construction and camp houses management company in the 1990s. Over the decades, the company has evolved into a producer of innovative prefabricated buildings and structures. With a constant focus on research and design improvements, Lida Group develops high-quality prefab houses and commercial buildings using modern modular and panelized construction techniques.

Lida's first products were office containers and simple camp houses catering to the oil and gas industry. These buildings were typically called "camp houses" due to their use in remote work sites and camp houses. Over time, Lida started experimenting with more permanent modular structures that could be used for residential and commercial purposes.

In the last 30 years, Lida Group has focused on developing modular, panelized, and completely prefab houses. These prefabricated houses offer distinct advantages over traditional stick-built homes―they are manufactured in a controlled factory environment which ensures high quality, they are easier and faster to construct, and they generate less construction waste. Lida uses advanced 3D building design software to optimize floor plans and building assemblies for maximum durability, efficiency, and functionality.

Lida's prefab houses range from small bungalow designs to spacious two-story options with up to six bedrooms. Customers can choose from various standard designs or work with Lida's contractors to develop custom prefabricated houses based on their specifications. Lida's manufacturing facility allows for mass production of house panels, roof trusses, wall frames, and other building components, which are later assembled on-site. This helps reduce construction time significantly.

Lida Group continues to push the boundaries of modular construction with its research and development department constantly working on design and material innovations. The company's goal is to make prefabricated houses an affordable and attractive alternative to traditional homes. As contractors and builders realize the benefits of off-site fabrication and modular construction, Lida Group is poised to meet the growing demand for smart, sustainable, and affordable prefab houses in the future.